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Driving Crimes - DUI

Driving offences

If you commit a driving or minor criminal offence you'll be fined or charged.

If you've got received a fine (penalty notice) see the Fines section of this website.

If you've got been charged and you've got received a Court Attendance Notice (CAN), you'll need to attend the Local Court. .

  • NOTE: If you've got been charged with a significant offence otherwise you think you would possibly attend prison, you ought to get legal advice.

  • NOTE: The information during this topic should only be used if you're appearing within the Local Court of NSW. If you're under 18 and are charged with a criminal offence, or if you're under 16 and are charged with a driving offence, your case are going to be addressed by the Children's Court of NSW. Before getting to court, you ought to get legal advice
Driving Offences

Driving offences

A driving offence occurs when someone driving a vehicle, or someone during a vehicle, breaks a law.

Criminal offences

A crime occurs when an individual breaks a law and commits an offence against the community generally or against a specific victim.

Responding to a charge

If you've got been charged with an offence and given a CAN, you'll need to go the required court on a specific date. Before you attend court, you ought to check what you've got been charged with and consider how you would like to reply to those charges.

Pleading guilty

If you plead guilty, you're telling the court you accept as true with the fees . Your case could also be addressed on the primary day so you ought to prepare before you attend court.

Pleading acquitted

If you opt to plead acquitted , you'll need to attend a hearing. The police will present their evidence, and you'll get an opportunity to present yours.

After court

After you plead guilty or are found guilty after a hearing, the magistrate will sentence you. this suggests they're going to choose a penalty and make sure orders about costs. you'll also get a record.


This section has instructions and sample forms also as sample letters and documents like character references and submissions.

For more information, see Forms.

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